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My Husband and I began the purchasing process back on 3/23 and decided to use a Major bank for our lender. Our escrow was SUPPOSE to have been ONLY 45 days, but it was extended over and over and over as we approached the 85 day mark, we came to the conclusion that even though we provided them with everything they needed and had the underwriters approval they were not going to be able to make it happen. We were then introduced to Alan. The property we were purchasing was a foreclosure and we were given 1 FINAL extension of 15 days. We immediately canceled the original loan process and sat with Alan in his office going over EVERY page of the loan package to make sure we did not miss anything as we were very limited in time. Alan stepped in on EVERY aspect of our purchase, he at many times wore the hat of the Lender, Realtor, Escrow, Seller and Title people to ensure all documents were correct and in the hands of the proper person. He became the only person we ultimately trusted. He communicated every move with us. He assured us he could get this done and he did!!! The seller (again a major bank) was ready to put the house back on the market the next day but we ultimately closed with hours to spare. Alan got this entire loan processed from day 1 to close in 14 days. We will continue to give him all our business and will strongly encourage everyone we come in contact with to go to him!! Just a side note this was a VA loan, on a house with an addition that had not been finaled and he followed through to receive the proper documentation on all of that as well!!! Thank You Alan and Sandra @ First Lending Solutions…..Ron & Charlene

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